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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Boom!, Grrrl Friend, ETC. Tour Vid

- Saucy Yoda - Party (live @ Peabody in Tacoma, WA)
- Mythological Horses - I'm on Fire/Dick's on Fire (live @ House Show in Bremerton, WA)
- Grrrl Friend - doppleganger 12-step (live @ Nu Crompton in Seattle, WA)
- Boom! - Fuck Off & Die (live @ The Artistery in Portland, OR)
       February 3-7, 2011

Here's a short "film" of people from Portland having fun in Washington State, combined with the above live performances.  It was influenced by that one Bon Jovi video where the boyz are having a rad time on tour.  It was a classic, according to the filmmaker who filmed this one on a phone or something.  Oh yeah, as you may have seen, we have had a bit of a name change, as "house of preblon" will no longer be hosting shows due to some skullduggery.  But, we at IRS are going to continue documenting the Portland underground music scene full force once again in...ehhhhh,saay...April.  We hope you stay tuned for them live mp3 sets and all of all yr favorite peoples making gnarly noise in PDX.  We're certainly stoked.  We have a new email address too, it's pdx.irs@gmail.com, so if you want to contribute, get recorded in the furture or just say hey, there's where to direct it.  Remember, Preblon cannot accommodate shows at this time, sorry broz.  Events at Preblon, in a more low-key or private recording/session form, may occur again soon with a new sister website (or this one if we're lazy) showcasing those things.  We'll let you know here when that's sorted out.  Stay tuned, kool things will come round again, we can feel it in our teeth.  Be well Portland (and the rest of yall).  

more vids after the jump..

filmed by thomas black, edited by duffy.

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